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By Way of Some Biographical Information...

19 Nov 2019 EJC DN-JT-47.jpg

Daniel Nestlerode is a singer and songwriter, who plays guitar and mandolin family instruments.  He has covered a lot of ground.  Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, seasoned in California, transplanted to Cambridgeshire, and now finally (he hopes) settled in northern France, Daniel’s influences are varied.  These days they include Hugh Aufrey and Jean-Jacques Goldman as much as John Hiatt and Tim O’Brien.


Early rock bands in Pennsylvania gave way to a more acoustic approach in California which lead to Bluegrass via the mandolin.  Landing in England Daniel chose to follow his own path.  His first two CDs, released on his own label, combine Bluegrass with contemporary and traditional American folk music.  With his third CD, Windrush, Daniel has been stretching his wings: exploring new sounds while maintaining themes of relationships, parenthood, and dislocation.  


David Kidman at Fatea says Daniel’s music is "unpretentiously well-played, well-sung, accessible Americana”.  Jim McCourt in the Living Tradition said Daniel’s second CD, Almost Home is, “A warm and pleasant listen- a demonstration of marvellous mandolin playing and a collection of easily accessible and classic songs."

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